Facebook ads blueprint for Print On Demand


We’ve put together a 46 pages ebook with one of our most popular strategies for Print On Demand store owners.

Step By Step Complete Guide With Pictures
Learn How To Validate Your Niche
Learn how to run $1 successful engagement campaigns
Learn how to run $2 successful conversion campaigns
Learn to troubleshoot failed ads
Learn How To Scale successful ads


A clean, step-by-step guide with pictures for newbies but also veterans on ads
This is not a gimmick ebook, our team has invested time and effort in order for the 46 pages ebook to be clean and easy to follow. We’ve also included multiple scenarios for each step in order to know exactly what to do next.

What Will You Learn In This Facebook Ads Blueprint

Step 1 - Niche Research
You will learn how to master niche research using free tools and strategies

Step 2 - Building Your Audiences
You will learn how to correctly build your audiences before running any ad

Step 3 - Engagement Testing

Step 4 - Conversion Campaigns
You will learn how to set up correctly multiple conversion campaigns

Step 5 - Retargeting Campaigns
You will learn how to set up a retargeting campaign.